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Timesaver Lapping Compound comes in two general types - green and yellow. The green compound is generally used for ferrous metals and the yellow compound is generally used for non-ferrous metals.

Both the green and yellow compounds are available in four different grades: coarse, medium, fine and very fine, enabling you to go from a situation with excessive material to a precision finish in the least possible time.

All four grades of both compounds are available in two quantities: 1lb tin (roughly 454g) and 3oz pots (85g). Remember that a little goes a long way!

If you're looking for the 3oz pots, a more cost effective way of purchasing these are the "kits". Both compounds are available as kits which include four 3oz pots - one of each grade. As well as this, a "full kit" is available which includes four 3oz pots (one of each grade) of both the yellow and green compounds!

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